For the Casual Event--fresh and flavorful!
Party Dreams:
Assorted party wraps or rolls with
Ham, Roasted Turkey,Roast Beef, Chicken Salad, Tuna salad with condiments on the side: 
7.25 per person
or with your choice of two sides: 10.50 per person
Big Dreams:
Our Dreamy Sandwich assortment on baguette-- 
For the large appetite!
7.75 per guest or with two sides: 10.95
Dreamy Cheeses Tray:
International cheeses assortment with crackers and
fresh fruit garnish: 3.50 per person
Fruit Dreams:
Fresh fruits of the season, artistically arranged in
bite size portions: 2.95 per person
Veggies and Dip:
Fresh vegetables and creamy buttermilk dip: 2.95/person
Sides Selection:2.50/person/each
Redskin potato salad             Dreamy Cole Slaw
Broccoli salad         Fresh fruit salad
Veggie pasta salad     Corn Relish
Chessie Mac and Cheese Salad

Green Garden salad with two dressings: 3.95
Tropical Greens salad with mango pineapple dressing: 4.55
Caesar Salad: 3.95
Fresh baked cookies: our best selection 
11.95 per dozen
Dreamy Brownies: 12.50 per dozen
Dreamy cookies and brownies
arranged on tray:2.50 per person
Carrot Cake or Chocolate Layer Cake: 2.95 per person
Canned sodas and bottled water: 1.95 per person